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Dear Boris, here are some books to help with your new job

A recommended reading list for our new Prime Minister

Boris Johnson. Photo: Chatham House / Flickr
Boris Johnson. Photo: Chatham House / Flickr

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Congratulations: you’ve made it to Downing Street. After years of careful campaigning, Machiavellian manoeuvring and dangling from broken zip wires, the keys to power are finally yours.

As you settle down for your first full week in charge, we thought we’d recommend a little reading for the downtime you get between carefully studying policy papers and standing up to Brussels.

No, not Flashman or Greek mythology or A Little Pocket Book of Latin Phrases – these are books very much rooted in the Great Britain of 2019, shining a light into important issues all politicians should know about.

We hope it helps.

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