Simon Amstell with Katy Brand on The Penguin Podcast

Comedian and writer, Simon Amstell joins Katy Brand on the Penguin Podcast to dicsuss the inspirational items he has brought into the studio alongside his new book, Help.

Simon Amstell did his first stand-up gig at the age of thirteen. His parents had just divorced and puberty was confusing. Trying to be funny solved everything. Help is the hilarious and heartbreaking account of Simon’s ongoing compulsion to reveal his entire self on stage. To tell the truth so it can’t hurt him any more. Loneliness, anxiety, depression – this book has it all. And more. From a complicated childhood in Essex to an Ayahuasca-led epiphany in the Amazon rainforest, this story will make you laugh, cry and then feel happier than you’ve ever been. 

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