Unloading the canon: five unsung masterpieces from classic authors

Our editors make the case for some essential novels overshadowed by their author’s more established work.

Unloading the canon: Making the case for authors’ unsung masterpieces
Ryan MacEachern / Penguin

Let’s just admit it: there’s a bit of an obsession, amongst book-lovers, with categorising, ranking and reordering the canon. We love debating what makes a must-read classic, which authors are considered among the pantheon, which titles or writers have fallen out of fashion — and which unsung works, particularly by authors of note, might deserve inclusion.

For every agreed-upon masterpiece, there are plenty of incredible works by those same great minds. Below, we’ve chosen five lesser known works by authors who are probably already on your bookshelf. If you loved the ‘classic’, you might love these titles even more.

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