The best TikTok accounts to follow for book lovers

From a school librarian sharing her love of literature to meme-filled feeds capturing just why and how we read, here are our favourite BookTokkers.

Screenshots of TikTok accounts about books against a blue background with the TikTok logo.
Image: Ryan MacEachern/Penguin

Perhaps TikTok – the video-sharing social network where users create short videos, often lip-syncing to songs or clips from film and TV – is not the obvious place to look if you’re a book fan.

But TikTok’s short, sharp nature – some videos are as brief as three seconds – is actually a great place for people to share their love of reading quickly and concisely (so that we can all get back to reading as soon as possible).

BookTok, as the corner of TikTok about books is called, is full of funny and fun videos about all genres and all types of readers. Here are our favourite accounts. 

Abby's Books

UK-based TikTokker Abby has 145,000 followers, and is great at giving popular memes a bookish edge. Her videos are funny and on the nose, but her love for books always shines through. We love her videos on reading books with more than 500 pages and thinking about the ending of a book you read four months ago

Great Valley High School Library

We all know that school librarians do amazing work, but how many are also on TikTok creating hilarious videos for our consumption? Not many we’d wager, but thank goodness one of those that is is Ms B, who runs the library account for Pennsylvania’s Great Valley High School. The school’s official website says the library is not just a room, but a community, and that’s clear from Ms B’s videos that sometimes poke fun at librarians and students, but always with warmth. For a taster, take a look at her video on what people think about all librarians.

Moon Girl Reads (Selene)

This BookTokker has the requisite funny memes, but also does recommendation lists (like this one on books that will make you sob) and does a lot of videos about inclusive books. Selene focuses on YA novels and authors, so is perfect for anyone wanting to read more in that area. 

Cait's Books


If you’re after book recommendations, then BookTokker Cait is the person to follow. She regularly posts reviews of individual titles as well as videos grouping together books, such as this one on series where all the books are out. Cait also co-runs an online book club that anyone can join in with (a TikTok about the club's latest choice is here).

Hell Yeah Books (Faith)

UK-based Faith is brilliant at memes, whether they're about books whose first lines live in your head or what you think you look like as a reader versus the reality. There are also plenty of great recommendations on this feed, split into imaginative categories including “I was sent to kill you” fantasy romance recs and books that you haven't seen on TikTok

Love Books Too (Marah)

Marah is based in Germany, but don’t worry if you can’t speak German – this TikTok account transcends language differences. Marah’s great at capturing moments all avid readers experience, from getting annoyed at books in the same series being printed in different sizes to buying a lot of books instead of reading something on your TBR pile


Ducky is a certified sign language interpreter so this account is full of book goodness as well as some of TikTok’s most popular memes signed. Recent videos we love include the random book tag challenge and Ducky’s first (socially distanced) visit to a bookshop during the pandemic

Jessica Beckett

Jessica has the type of stacked bookshelves that all readers are familiar with and love – titles neatly jigsawed in to fit in as many books as possible. Against the backdrop of these gorgeous shelves, Jessica’s videos are all about book recommendations, with a focus on YA and fantasy but covering a range of genres. Take a look at this video on book vices, and this one on unputdownable books for a taster. 

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