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Perfect books for the sports lover in your life

These books will make ideal gifts for anyone who loves watching, playing, or just reading about sport and sports stars, from football to golf, David Foster Wallace to Nicola Adams. 

Image: Penguin
Image: Penguin

What is about sport that so many of us love so much? Is it the inherent drama of 22 people chasing a leather ball around a field, or of two people punching each other in the face until one falls over, or of a group of people riding horses really, really fast? Of course it is. It is that, and so much more – the allegiances, the rivalries, the displays of extreme human athleticism, the fallen heroes, the underdogs come good, the triumphs, the tragedies and every other metaphor for life that sport entails.

It's for those reasons exactly that so many great books have been written about sport, from explosive memoirs to theoretical essays, love-letter novels to philosophical texts. So, without further ado, here is a selection of great books for the sports lover in your life.

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