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Mindfulness books to help you find your calm during lockdown

From art to philosophy, poetry to science, these books will help you and your family find some inner peace at the end of the day.

Books to help you be mindful

The start of another lockdown in the UK means, once again, many of us will have more time that we're used to at home. Time we no longer spend commuting, time to take in the world around us as we partake in our daily allowance of exercise. Time to think. 

It's that time, particularly that thinking time, that has also left so many of us feeling a little overwhelmed, more tired than usual, and worried about what's happening to our loved ones, our neighbours and communities, and the world around us.

So mindfulness is more important than ever, whether we're essential workers going out every day to keep hospitals, supermarkets and crucial services running, or whether we're working in the home or looking after families.

These seven books are great for grounding you at the end of the day and giving your mind a break from the hubbub of news.

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