An illustration of assorted punctuation marks and book pages, with a question mark in the middle.

Penguin quiz: just how thorough of a reader are you?

A series of questions to distinguish the footnote fiends, acknowledgements acolytes, and punctuation purists from the rest of us.

If you’re here, we presume it’s because you’re something of a book obsessive. But even amongst literary devotees, there are those who are there purely for the story – the world-building, the characters, the tension, the emotions – and those who immerse themselves in the extra-narrative parts of a book, the supplements around the story that provide context and non-essential information.

Maybe that's you: Are you the type to devour the acknowledgements at the end of a book, or are you a footnote-skipper? Do you pull out a dictionary to exact and complement your reading, or deduce a word’s meaning from context? Take our quiz below to find out: just how thorough of a reader are you?

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