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13 things you can use as a bookmark

If you don't have a bookmark at hand, here are the innovative ways our readers choose to mark their pages.


Did you know literary critic Cyril Connolly once used a raw rasher of bacon as a bookmark? It is a story that has been imprinted on our brains since we first heard about it, from Tom Nicholson this time last year. We can’t imagine it’s vegan-friendly. Won’t it leave a mark? It can’t get any more unusual. Or can it?

Inspired, we asked our Twitter followers: what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark?

When it comes to creativity and innovation, you did not disappoint. It seems that just about anything can be fashioned into a useable marker. Between the paperclips, tissue-paper, dried flowers and panty-liners (!) were a couple of slightly more… novel suggestions. Here are a few of our favourites.

1. We admire this level of confidence



2. Is there anything more wholesome than a book hug?



3. When in Rome…




4. Sharing is caring



5. Don't try this at home!



6. See also: train tickets, photographs, handwritten letters...



7. Sometimes you just gotta make do with what you have to hand




8. The important question: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle?



9. Where’s the lie?




10. This is beautifully meta



11. "Found"



12. What kind of reckless abandon…



13. I think we have a winner folks!

Image: Stuart Simpson / Penguin

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