Hypnosis tracks: Mindful Menopause

The book Mindful Menopause by Sophie Fletcher against a pastel-coloured background

On this page you’ll find links to free guided meditation and hypnosis tracks to support your reading of Sophie Fletcher’s Mindful Menopause: How to have a calm and positive menopause, plus exercises from the book, which you can download and print at home.

The 10 relaxing audio downloads below have been specially designed by Clinical Hypnotherapist Sophie Fletcher to support you through the menopause. In her book Mindful Menopause, Sophie equips you with powerful skills that harness the mind, body and hormone connection, to help you through this time of transition.

Listen to these audio tracks alongside the specific exercises in the book (whenever you see the headphones symbol), and come back to them whenever you need a moment of calm. (Do not listen to them whilst driving.)

Download exercises from the book below, to print and complete at home:

·         Who’s in your team?

·         Menopause checklist

·         Cooling down your hot flush

·         Mindful menopause partner

·         Your Menopause Values

PLEASE NOTE: These audio files are MP3 files. Once they've been downloaded they can be added to any Apple device in the usual way using iTunes. To do this, right click the audio file you would like to download and choose 'Save link as'. Save the file to your desktop. Once it has downloaded, you can double-click to open and play in iTunes.

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