Philip Pullman books to read if you love His Dark Materials

Love Lyra's world but only scratched the surface? Fortunately, there are plenty of Philip Pullman books to make you think, feel and imagine. 

A flatlay of Philip Pullman books
How many have you read? Image: Alicia Fernandes/Penguin

In 1995, Philip Pullman published Northern Lights. A sweeping, provocative adventure about a precocious girl with remarkable powers and a clutch of disappearing children, it captivated readers immediately. Followed by The Subtle Knife two years later and The Amber Spyglass in 2000, the His Dark Materials trilogy has been finding devoted fans for more than 25 years.

From daemons to dust, bridges to other worlds to bears clad in armour, Lyra’s story holds a special place in many readers' imaginations. So, if you’ve reread the original trilogy more times than you can count and are after more of the wonder of Pullman’s storytelling magic, here are 10 suggestions of how to experience it from a new perspective or to explore further. A mix of audio dramatisations, stories that go deeper into the world of the books, and some suggestions for some of Pullman’s other creations, there’s something for every His Dark Materials fan.

The Sally Lockhart novels (1985-1994)

Before there was Lyra Belacqua, there was Sally Lockhart. A four-book series starting with The Ruby in the Smoke, it follows 16-year-old Sally who is sure there is something more sinister behind her father’s apparently accidental death. Taking in the opium trade, cursed jewels, and Victorian London, these twisty historical mysteries revolve around an utterly brilliant heroine, sure to be adored by fans of Lyra. And you can choose between reading them in print or waiting for the new audio editions which are coming in the autumn.

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