Where to start with Barack Obama's reading recommendations
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Barack Obama’s recommended reading list

The former POTUS has shared hundreds of his favourite books over the last decade. Following his latest summer reading list, here's our guide on where to start reading like a president.

By now, it should be pretty obvious that Barack Obama is a huge reader. Once or twice a year, the former President of the United States releases lists of his favourite books that inspire us to add to our own to-read pile.

His recommendations range from novels of all styles to essay collections, non-fiction tackling the biggest issues of our times to biographies and much more.

As Obama himself said in July, “there's nothing quite like sitting down with a great book in the summer.” Following the release of his latest reading list, we've rounded up our picks of his favourite reads from 2021 and years past.

Image: Ryan MacEachern / Penguin

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