An illustration of three book stacks of various heights with small people hanging out on them – sitting, standing, reading. The colour scheme is yellow, orange, white and two shades of blue.

Penguin quiz: how much of a book obsessive are you?

Are you a novel novice, a hobby reader or a true fiction fanatic? Put down that book and take our quiz to find out.

If you’re here, chances are you’re something of a book lover.

But then, ‘book lover’ can mean many things, can’t it? One may be a lover of reading a book per month; or two, or three. Or they may love books so much that they’ve got one in their bag, or on their bedside, at all times. But what, then, of the folks who finish three or four tomes per week? The ones who read during meals, soup sloshed across the pages of their paperbacks? Those who’ve paid to have their favourite lines etched into their skin? The ones who – well, you catch our meaning, don’t you?

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Treats for book lovers


Point is, there are the bookish, and there are the… the booked? The rebookulous? The obsessives. Should you count yourself among them? Take our quiz, below, to find out.

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