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Books you’ll love based on your favourite horror film

We find a book to match the movie – from Midsommar to Get Out to Nightmare on Elm Street – to give you your Halloween fix this year. 

A collage of book covers against a red background, with large, spooky illustrated hands reaching towards them.
Image: Alexandra Francis / Penguin

Something wicked this way comes… There’s a distinct chill in the air, the days are closing in and pumpkin-related chat is up tenfold. It can only mean one thing: the spooky season is well and truly upon us. 

It’s a month when staying up late (and/or hiding behind a cushion) with a horror film is the norm, so being the bibliophiles we are, we thought we’d bring you some reading recommendations based on your favourite scary film.

Of course, many classic horror movies are based on books to begin with but we’ve trawled the shelves to match these six iconic films with a book that conveys something of the same atmosphere and themes. So read on, if you dare...

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