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Quiz: can you guess these famous audiobook narrators?

Over the years, many famous actors have brought their talents to the art of audiobook narration, but can you guess the performer by their voice alone?

The art of audiobook narration is a particular one: a performer must be able to translate a book into an entertaining experience using just the power of their voice. A brilliant narrator can help the listener immerse themselves in the story, or grapple with complex non-fiction, while a poor one can make even the most-gripping thriller fall flat.

It's a boom time for audiobooks right now, with some productions rivaling those for high-profile films or TV shows. It also means you'll find many audiobooks read by famous faces – and voices – from Hollywood actors bringing underrated classics alive to British comedians telling their life stories. And so, we've assembled a(n only slightly fiendish) quiz to see how many of these actors you can guess by hearing their voice alone. 

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