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Books to help you be better at love

Love can be a labyrinth of cliché and conflicting advice, but there are wise experts out there – whether you’re in a relationship, out of it, or just looking to understand yourself better.

A flatlay of books about love on a pink background
Recipes for romance. Image: Flynn Shore/Penguin

Every year Valentine’s Day rolls around, focusing the mind on where your love life is at. Perhaps you’re being whisked away on a romantic retreat with your beau, perhaps you’ve forgotten about it entirely or maybe you’re nursing a heartbreak.

But while pink hearts and date nights take over the Western world for February 14, checking in with your hopes, priorities and contentment regarding your relationships is a lifelong commitment – and rarely something that can be helped by a rom-com.

Here are a list of brilliant, insightful and inspiring books that can help you to better understand what you need, and what you bring, to the people in your life – whether you’re in a relationship with them or not. Whether you spend Valentine’s Day with them is up to you!

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