An illustration of a spinning wheel, on which you might be matched up with a character from literature

Matchmaker quiz: Meet your book character blind date

Looking for love in a book this Valentine’s Day? Let us match you up with a famous character from the classics of literature.

For some, love is found on Hinge and in corny greeting cards; but every bookworm knows that the best love stories, the ones that have stood the test of time beyond any others, are ripped from literature’s pages. It’s why we love books in the first place: the enemies-to-lovers narratives; the forbidden love stories; and, of course, the characters. Who hasn’t swooned, at least privately, over a character from Austen, Dickens, or Woolf?

With Valentine’s Day nearing, we wondered: What if we could be set up on a blind date with a character from one of our favourite novels? Who might we end up with? So, we followed through. Below, answer our quiz questions to find out which literary lover you’d be best matched with. Let the sparks fly…

Illustration at top and above: Flynn Shore / Penguin

Photo credits: / Stuart C. Wilson - Stringer / Artyon Geodakyan / Laurent Koffel / Robbie Jack & / ACIDmit / cla78 / Peshkova

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