The best books about climate change – and how to fight it

Temperatures, sea levels and anxiety about the future of the planet are all on the rise. But what can you really do to make a difference? Here are the books you need to read about tackling our climate crisis.

There are few issues facing humanity more pressing than climate change. With temperatures and sea levels rising, it’s never been more important to identify – and to solve – the problems of emissions and carbon footprints in order to create a more sustainable way of life. Our planet’s future depends on it, as the IPCC's stark latest warning has pointed out.

One of the best ways to understand how we got here and how we can change is by learning from the experts. We’ve rounded up a host of books crucial to an understanding of the climate crisis, which posit ideas for change and boldly point the way forward. Get reading toward a greener world below.


Palaeontologist, conservationist and leading climate change writer Professor Tim Flannery reminds readers that we still possess the power to make change in our everyday lives, from emission cuts to emerging technologies. Atmosphere of Hope balances between outlining the harsh realities of our situation with much-needed hope for the future. Flannery details what may happen if temperatures rise above the 2°C UN target; while bleak, he also offers advice on how we should proceed, covering the reduction of fossil fuels and potential for the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. 

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