The books the Vintage team is giving as gifts this winter

What do you give to someone to show them you care? A book. Here are fourteen books the Vintage team members are sharing with their loved ones this year.

The right book is a chance to say ‘I know you’ to the recipient, and demonstrate how deeply you understand them. It’s a gift that says ‘you matter to me’, and one that you can bond with them over.

A book, be it a novel, non-fiction or a collection of poetry, isn’t just a physical object. It can be an escape, a world of new ideas or a slice of joy and hope. A book can be all of those things, and many more besides.

Inscribing your book with a handwritten note – that not only records when you gave someone the book, but also why and what you hope they get from it – is an extra way to make a book gift more special.

Do that with one of these 14 books, which offer both giver and recipient a connection that will last long after the last page is turned.

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