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Books to get you out of your reading slump

Lost your groove? These are the books that never fail to get us back into reading.

A flatlay of books against a bright yellow background
Credit: Victoria Ford / Penguin

No matter how much you love reading, it can be a delicate habit: all it takes is a particularly busy spell at work, a sudden infatuation with a video game, or a draining bout of illness to make you suddenly lose touch with books for a moment. It happens to everyone.

Yet reading is a persistent habit, too: wonderfully immersive and often compulsive, it’s never too far away to find your way back to. Which is why readers all seem to have a “reset read” – the book, series, medium or genre that always reminds us of why we love reading, and helps kickstart our journey through our book piles anew. Below, we asked our colleagues around the Penguin office about the books they read to conquer their reading slumps. What are yours?

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