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Extraordinary stories from ordinary people

Remarkable and real tales of adversity, humour, and compassion you won't be able to put down.

Rachel Deeley
Extraordinary memoirs from ordinary people.

Sometimes, the most incredible stories come not from the imagination of a novelist but the very real and often paradigm-shifting moments that define a lifetime. Consider memoirs such as The Light We Carry, packed with empowering life lessons from Michelle Obama, or Prince Harry's salacious tell-all Spare, which have proved that life-writing can make blockbuster page-turners.

But much as we all love a behind-the-scenes look at celebrities and public figures, inspiring and jaw-dropping true stories can also come from much more humble circumstances: a young Black man falsely accused of murder; a Holocaust survivor who passed through no fewer than five Nazi concentration camps; a daughter piecing together the mystery of her mother's disappearance; a couple turning to the wilderness as they face financial ruin; and women from Albania to Arkansas revisiting hard truths about their childhoods. Find them all — and more — rounded up here.

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