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Where to start reading Anthony Horowitz’s books

The bestselling author of Magpie Murders and the new James Bond books is a true master of the detective genre. Here is where to start reading his beloved novels.

Lucy Hall

Few authors can boast a bibliography as impressive as Anthony Horowitz – after all, he has been entrusted by both the Fleming and Conan Doyle estates to continue the novels of Bond and Holmes, respectively. An author of over 40 books, he has penned a vast variety of books, from cult bestselling young-adult series that made reading fun for kids to a crime-solving detective duo series that fictionalised himself, and brought out a fiendishly clever novel-within-a-novel that spawned a sharp-witted BBC series starring Lesley Manville.

He has written for adults and young-adults alike, across a number of different series, but his books are all united by a few Horowitz-isms that make them such fantastic stories: wit, cleverness, dramatic flair, and beguiling characters that you just can’t forget. He is the spy-thriller writer for the modern age, and there’s never been a better time to discover his work. Here is our ultimate list of where to start reading Anthony Horowitz.

Whether or not you’ve had a chance to watch the BBC series, it’s still a must-read for any budding Horowitz fan. Editor Susan Ryland has worked with bestselling crime writer Alan Conway for years, but when his latest novel lands on her desk, hidden in the pages of the manuscript lies another story – and it’s up to Susan to solve it and save the day. A fiendishly perfect mystery that will appeal to fans of a good old-fashioned whodunnit.

Who doesn’t dream of being recruited as a spy for a top-secret MI6 mission, kitted out with the gadgets and, ultimately, saving the country? The first book in the number one-bestselling Alex Rider series has spawned two on-screen adaptations and legions of fans. Written originally for young adults, Stormbreaker is a fantastic escapist thrill-ride, and the perfect way to live out your childhood dreams. If you end up enjoying yourself too much, don’t worry there are ten more in the Alex Rider series for you to work your way through.

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