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Books to help improve your focus and attention span

Learn how to strip away the distractions, hone your concentration skills, and achieve your goals.

Rachel Deeley
Image: Victoria Ford/Penguin

Whether it's glancing at every notification, opening an endless stream of emails, eavesdropping on nearby chatter, or good-old-fashioned staring into space, we all have our vices when it comes to losing focus. Particularly in today’s world of constant distraction, forced multitasking, and short-form entertainment (here’s looking at you, TikTok), it’s easy to feel like our attention spans are dwindling.

Fortunately, there are plenty of brilliant books by doctors, spiritual leaders, and productivity experts offering life-changing advice and methods to remedy this issue. From mindfulness to digital detoxes to breathwork and even ice baths, we’ve rounded up the best of them below.

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