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Where to start reading Harlan Coben

With more than 80 million books sold worldwide, Harlan Coben is one of the most influential crime writers. Here are six of his best works to get you started.

Rachel Quin
Harlan Coben's best books

Most crime fiction aficionados will have at least one Harlan Coben title on their bookshelf. With more than 80 million books sold worldwide, including multiple bestsellers, and three Netflix shows based on his work, Coben is one of the most influential crime writers in the market.

His popularity makes sense: he is “the absolute master of huge twists and turns,” according to Richard Osman – and anyone who has read his work will be sure to agree.

Given his vast catalogue, it can be hard to know where to begin reading Coben's work. But whether you’ve dabbled in a few of his books, or you’re a brand-new reader in search of your next obsession, you're in the right place. Below, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Coben’s most gripping reads.

Run Away (2019)

Simon is desperately searching for his daughter. Then one day he finds her, busking in Central Park. But when he approaches, she runs. He has no choice but to follow her into a dangerous world that will take him to the very edge of reason.

A stellar example of Coben’s ability to craft shocking twists, this page-turning read will make you wonder: how far would you go to keep your child safe?

They say the truth will set you free, but in Don’t Let Go, it might just kill you. When Detective Dumas’ brother is found dead, most people assume it was a suicide. But he knows better.

Years later, Dumas finds himself close to finding the answers he needs. Dangerously close. Rife with mistaken identities, sinister secrets and chilling conspiracies, this disturbing thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

The first book in the captivating Wilde series, The Boy from the Woods centres on Wilde, a feral child discovered alone in the woods. Now an adult and an outsider, he just wants to be left alone.

But when a girl disappears, the community that shunned him beg for his help. Wilde finds himself in a race against time in this tense and heart-racing thriller, perfect for fans of shocking twists.

Fool Me Once (2016)

Your husband was murdered. You saw him die. So, who did you catch on your nanny cam playing with your daughter? Dark secrets abound as our protagonist Maya must come to terms with the truth.

A provocative thriller that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew, this spine-tingling read is set to be a major Netflix series starring Michelle Keegan, Joanna Lumley and Richard Armitage.

The Match (2022)

Once you’ve finished The Boy from the Woods, you need to read The Match. When a match on a DNA database puts Wilde on the trail of the only relative he has ever known, he thinks he’s about to solve the mystery of who he is. Until she disappears.

This addictive thriller will have you racing through the pages as you search for the truth and find yourself caught up in secret communities and a serial killer that has Wilde on their hitlist.

If you’ve already powered through all of these recommendations, we have excellent news: Coben is back with yet another blockbuster, I Will Find You.

David is living the dream. But when he wakes to find himself covered in his son’s blood, it quickly becomes a nightmare he can’t wake up from. Five years later, his sister-in-law drops a bombshell: his son is alive. What really happened that devastating night? And who took his son?

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