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Books to read if you love Doctor Who

Whether you’re a seasoned TARDIS traveller or an occasional time-hopper, here are the books to read if you want to see all of time and space.

Beth Axford
Doctor Who books

The Doctor is back – with a new face, a new companion, and brand-new adventures. The hit show returns to BBC1 on Saturday 11th May for the first series of a new era, with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson taking over the reins of the TARDIS as the Fifteenth Doctor and companion Ruby Sunday, respectively.

Doctor Who has been entertaining the world for over 60 years, its continual renewal (or, more accurately, regeneration) bringing adventure and wonder to viewers of all ages.

And the adventures aren’t confined to our TV screens. The Doctor’s universe is vast, complicated and exciting – and there are plenty of novels about our favourite Time Lord to get lost in. Or, if you’re more of a fact and trivia fan, you can dive into a range of non-fiction books exploring the Whoniverse. There are also a fair few classic science-fiction books that have inspired the show's storylines, which will have you feeling like a time-travelling pro.

So, when you feel like swapping your sonic screwdriver and psychic paper for the pages of an absorbing book, here are our top reads for any fan of Doctor Who:

Must-read Doctor Who books

Sci-fi books to read if you love Doctor Who

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