Books and resources to help you navigate the 2024 UK general election 

From economics to climate to AI, we’ve rounded up some of the best books to help you make sense of the biggest topics in the upcoming election – plus free resources to help you take part.

Rachel Deeley, Katie Russell and Julia Pal

On Thursday 4th July, the UK will hold its first general election since December 2019.  

A range of issues, from taxes and the economy, to climate, immigration, and even artificial intelligence, have shaped the debates, headlines, and party commitments in the run-up to polling day.  

Whether you’re looking to broaden your horizons, better understand the leading topics of discussion, or deepen your knowledge of the issues that matter to you, we’ve rounded up some of the most relevant and informative reads to help you navigate the upcoming general election.  

However, participating in democracy extends beyond the pages of a book. Head straight to the end of this article for free resources to help you get ready to vote, fact-check news stories and party manifestos, look up the candidates standing for election in your area, and more.

Inflation, cost of living, and the economy 

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Housing and transport


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Health and the NHS

Economic and social inequality 


British politics

Recent political memoirs

AI and tech

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Gender and inequality 

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Free election resources

Voting checklist

Look up your local polling station and the candidates standing for election in your area

Look up MPs' voting records

Fact-check party commitments and news stories

Party manifestos

Find your local library for books, newspapers, ebooks and audiobooks

Voter ID

Registrations to vote closed on Tuesday 18th June, but registered voters still need to remember to bring a valid form of photo ID with them to the polling station on election day. Find out which forms of ID are accepted here

If you don’t have photo ID, you can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on 26th June 2024.

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