The Big Green Book by Fred Pearce | Eden Children's Books

With clever pop-ups and flaps full of facts, this informative and fun book helps children make the link between the world around them and the environment. It also helps to explain terms little ones might have heard of such as ‘carbon footprint’, ‘ice caps’, ‘global warming’ and ‘pollution’, as well as showing what readers can do themselves to help.

Topsy and Tim: Go Green by Jean Adamson | Ladybird

Twintastic Topsy and Tim are upset and worried when they find out about pollution and the amount of rubbish produced, so their mum helps by showing them how they can make a difference by recycling. This book is a wonderful aide to begin to talk to kids about the environment, with this well-loved pair who can help guide children through their first experiences. 

Superfrog and the Big Stink by Michael Foreman | Andersen

Superfrog is on an urgent mission! When the caped crusader realises that the big city has polluted his favourite pond, he leaps to the rescue. This illustrated tale has a serious message at heart around rubbish and the environment, but is delivered with a big dollop of froggy fun that readers will just love.

Peppa Pig: Recycling Fun | Ladybird

Peppa and George help Mummy Pig tidy up and find out where glass, plastic and food waste should be sorted in this fun Peppa Pig tale. This Read It Yourself book is a great way to help teach children that recycling (and tidying up!) should be a part of daily life, while also helping little readers learn to read on their own. Why not follow Mummy and Daddy Pig’s example and take the kids on a trip to the recycling centre, just like Peppa?

George Saves The World By Lunchtime by Jo Readman  | Eden Children’s Books

Superhero loving George wants a mission and his Grandpa shows him how he can do his bit to save the world by reusing, repairing and shopping locally. They have a busy morning of composting and visiting a recycling centre, a charity shop and a farmers’ market. This tale is a brilliant way to inspire active children and has some great ideas for easy and educational things to do together. 

One World by Michael Foreman | Andersen

One World is a gentle story by the award-winning Michael Foreman, following a brother and sister as they play by a rock pool on a beach. They take out creatures and plants from the natural pool to create a little world in their bucket. But when they look back and see there is nothing left in the rock pool but a slick of oil, they realise how their actions impact upon everything else. This is a gorgeously illustrated lesson about pollution and the fragility of our interconnected world.

Charlie and Lola: Look after your planet | Puffin

Charlie and Lola - the much-loved duo from Children’s Laureate Lauren Child - take on the issue of recycling. This time it’s Lola who is clearing up her bedroom. Big brother Charlie explains that ‘if we don't use things again, in the end we will just run out of everything’. He’s so persuasive that Lola goes on a mission to inspire the whole class. A great read for little activists, with some ‘green promises’ inside to get them started.

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