Potty training charts

You will need:

•  A printer and some A4 paper

•  A potty training reward chart - get your tot to pick their favourite character, Pete or Polly, below!

Download Princess Polly chart

Download Pirate Pete chart

How to use your reward chart:

1. Once you have downloaded the Pirate Pete or Princess Polly potty training reward chart, print it out on A4 paper.

Pirate Pete

2. Next, pin it up in an accessible space for your toddler to see - the bathroom or their bedroom is ideal.

Princess Polly

3. Tick the chart, or add a sticker every time they successfully use their potty. Make sure you congratulate your little one for doing well, so they begin to feel excited and motivated to use their potty. They'll be a potty training pro in no time!

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