Only You Can Save Mankind by Terry Pratchett

Meet Johnny Maxwell, a normal boy with the most ordinary life. He loves video games, but one day, after receiving a mysterious message from the last remaining alien spaceship in the game he’s playing, his life drastically changes. Johnny soon becomes humanity’s last hope and finds himself the hero of the story, helping an alien race. Only You Can Save Mankind is a thrilling adventure you’ll never want to end.  

My Magical Life by Zach King

My Magical Life follows the weird and wonderful life of Zach, a boy who’s capable of doing magic (without a wand). Everyone wants to know how he does his tricks but mean girl Tricia wants to bring him down. The book comes with a super-cool app that brings the book and characters to life through awesome augmented reality. Tech fans will love scanning and tapping to interact with the characters that appear on the pages. Be sure to collect all the trophies!

Super Mario Official Sticker Book

A legend in his own right, Mario and pals are a firm fave of all ages. And now he’s back, in sticker form! This awesome activity book features hundreds of stickers so that you can stick Mario and all of your fave characters’ faces onto your computer, notebooks, phone, and anywhere else that takes your fancy! You’ll love solving all the puzzles with this iconic plumbing duo and their famous friends.

Hacker by Malorie Blackman

Vicky is the best hacker in the world and when her father is arrested after being accused of stealing money from the bank he works at, she uses her hacking skills to prove his innocence. She attempts to break into the bank’s computer files… but will she be able to find the real thief before she gets caught? This is a fantastic read for those with a passion for coding.

Skylanders Universe: Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard by Onk Beakman

Follow Cynder on his mission to the Isle of the Undead and find out why storm clouds are gathering in the Cloudless Desert. The fifth novel in the story series by Onk Beakman will hook you from the start and as the secrets of the Mask of Power are revealed, you won’t be able to put this book down! This is the perfect book for fans of the Skylanders video games and a great read for those who love stories filled with adventure.

Ctrl-Z by Andrew Norriss

What if your computer took you back to an earlier part of your day when you hit Ctrl-Z? Alex’s new comp – one of the very unique birthday gifts his godfather John gives him every year – offers him the best opportunity to fix his mistakes. Together with his friend Callum, Alex puts his computer to good use but faces the consequences of going back in time – which can be fun, but sometimes disastrous. Watch this space…

Terraria Official Sticker Book

Be the hero and help save Terraria from The Corruption. A dangerous threat is spreading fast and you’re the only one who can stop it from bringing Terraria to its doom! Complete activities, stick stickers, create character profiles and get game tips to bring your beloved world back to its original state. Don’t let The Corruption win! This is the perfect book for Terraria fans and the ideal read for those who love action-packed books.

Monstroso by Charlie Higson

Fans of war and tactical games will love the immersive Monstroso. Monstroso is a real-life warrior Oscar creates after finding a mysterious file on his dad’s computer. This warrior is programmed to do anything Oscar asks him to – but soon he realises that his new friend will only ever get him in trouble! Get ready to find yourself in the middle of crazy fights, adventures, and monsters!

The Legend of Zelda Official Sticker Book

Hardcore fans of the epic Legend of Zelda will love this awesome sticker activity book based on your favourite game! This sticker book is packed with all the characters from the series, super-fun activities and bags of puzzles. It includes hundreds of stickers – so many you can even share them with your friends! It will keep you entertained until the next Nintendo game is released and get you back to this amazing world in a unique and exciting way.

The Sword of Herobrine by Jim Anotsu

The Sword of Herobrine follows Arthur and Mallu’s story, a brother and sister who couldn’t be more different. Mallu loves playing Minecraft whilst her brother absolutely hates the game. But when his sister gets sucked into the Overworld, Arthur has no choice but to get there to save her. This is a story packed with zombies, creepers and more monsters than you can count! Get ready for an epic adventure.

Daniel X: Game Over by James Patterson

Daniel X is one of the greatest superheroes to ever exist and has beat tonnes of evil-doers. In this book, he must eliminate a pair of shape-shifters who own a famous video-game enterprise. Their next game release is another of their evil plans: they want to control the minds of kids all over the planet. Will Daniel X manage to save the day once again or will it be game over for him? Follow the alien-hunter on his heroic mission!

Ali-A Adventures

That’s right: your favourite YouTuber wrote a book! Ali-A is the author of this awesome story and the main character too (along with his adorable dog, Eevee). When he is at the launch of Alien Liberator 2, he is forced to transform from gaming icon into a hero and battle the cruel aliens who crash the event. Will he save the day with the help of his fans or lose the fight to the end-of-game boss?

Terraria: The Ultimate Survival Handbook

Are you a Terraria fan? Then you need this Ultimate Survival Handbook! Get step-by-step tutorials, the best survival tips, and gaming inspiration from this handbook that will help you thrive in this uncharted terrain. This is the ideal companion to the game and even if you think you know everything there is to know, you’ll still find out something new in this handy guide.

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