There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

As the title suggests, there IS a dragon in this book, but don’t worry, she’s perfectly friendly! She just so happens to have set this book on fire though – WHOOPS. It’s up to you and your little’un to stroke, flap, poke and giggle your way through this sequel to the bestselling There's a Monster in Your Book and help Little Dragon put out her fire! Packed with gorgeous illustrations that bring master storyteller Tom Fletcher’s words to life, this story will inspire young imaginations and turn reading into an enchanting, eye-opening, dragon-filled adventure!

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter

McFly bandmates Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter have once again teamed up to write a brand new book in the bestselling Dinosaur that Pooped series!  This new tale, The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess, is a twist on the fairy tale genre, with added poop! Both dinosaur and princess fans will giggle and enjoy all the wonderful silliness as Danny and Dinosaur set off through Fairy Tale Land to track down a Princess trapped in a tower, but things (of course) don’t go exactly to plan… 

How to be a Lion by Ed Vere

There really is a lot to be learned from this fab modern fable – and not just by tots! The book focuses on a lion named Leonard; a lion like no other. You see, Leonard has this best friend called Marianne. Now, you’re probably imagining Marianne as a lioness – well, here’s the thing: she’s actually a duck. The problem is, lions usually like to chomp and munch on ducks, don’t they? But Leonard doesn’t seem to want to. What will the pair do when their friendship is threatened? A powerful, striking and thoughtful book with a wonderful message at its heart; celebrating individuality and the quiet courage to be yourself.  

Billy and the Beast by Nadia Shireen

Billy and the Beast is an empowering story for the all the underdogs out there! This outdoorsy adventure will, without fail, widen eyes and ignite curious minds. Young readers join the curious Billy, a modern-day heroine, and her hangry pet cat, Fatcat, as they set off on an adventure in the woods. Billy hears a terrible sound coming from the trees; a sound that turns out to be a TERRIBLE BEAST making a TERRIBLE SOUP! Luckily Billy’s big and brilliant hair is stuffed with everything she could possibly need to be the hero in this terrific tale. We promise you’ll enjoy the adventure as much as they will.

The Fairytale Hairdresser and the Princess and the Frog by Abie Longstaff

Fairytale hairdresser Kittie is busy styling her fairy tale friends for an exciting animal-themed parade to celebrate the coronation of Prince Freddie. There’s just one problem: WHERE IS PRINCE FREDDIE?! Join Kittie as she attempts to solve this magical mystery. This enchanting story is filled with princesses, princes, magic, mystery and cute animals! What more could you want from a fairy-tale adventure?

100 Dogs by Michael Whaite

Can there really be 100 dogs doing 100 delightful doggy things in this picture book? YEP! We’ve double-checked and we’re certain… actually, scrap that – we’re ‘pawsitive’! Pre-readers will love following the bouncy rhyme from page to page in this award-winning picture book and they’ll meet all sorts of different doggies – from cutie collies to silly sausage dogs. Packed full of brilliant illustrations and fun new words to learn in every rhyme, this yummy-treat of a read will have you both barking… sorry, laughing… out loud. Of course. 

You Choose in Space by Nick Sharratt & Pippa Goodhart

Jumpstart young imaginations with this book that is quite literally out-of-this-world! Over one million copies of You Choose in Space have been sold, but that’s nothing compared to the number of different adventures this book has launched. Yep, YOU CHOOSE what happens in this adventure! Which alien would you most like to be friends with? And what fantastically freaky food will you decide to munch on for lunch? The possibilities are as infinite as the galaxies in the spectacular sequel to the bestselling You Choose.

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison

This New York Times Bestseller is written and illustrated by Vashti Harrison and will introduce readers to 40 truly inspirational black women from history. These real-life stories are guaranteed to widen the minds and eyes of little readers who will be inspired by the work of these trailblazing women of colour: abolitionist Sojourner Truth, pilot Bessie Coleman, chemist Alice Ball, politician Shirley Chisholm, mathematician Katherine Johnson and poet Maya Angelou. 

The Bandit Queen by Natalie O’Hara & Lauren O’Hara

A young girl is stolen by a bunch of naughty bandits who make her their queen, and promise to give her everything she needs, from treasure to tigers, with a little bit of mischief and mayhem! But sometimes a little girl needs something more… This is a touching story about finding family in unexpected places. Laced with gorgeous illustrations, this modern day fairy tale has an underlying message about friendship and belonging. 

Roald Dahl’s Opposites by Roald Dahl

The world’s greatest storyteller, Roald Dahl and one of the world’s greatest illustrators, Quentin Blake (with a little help from the Enormous Crocodile...),  are on hand to help tiny tots discover opposites. This brilliantly bonkers board book is proof of all the silly fun that can be had when playing with words. Opposites is the perfect introduction for very young readers to the world of Roald Dahl; a world of fun, colour, difference, imagination and magic. Reading this board book is more of an adventurous activity; one that they’ll want to embark upon again and again.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Eric Carle’s little story of one very hungry caterpillar who eats his way through a week’s worth of delicious foods is a renowned classic. Join him as he chomps and munches and chews his way from page to page. With fun finger holes, children will giggle as they join in the fun with their new insect friend. This beautiful, bright and bold board book is a must-read for little ones.

The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson & Helen Oxenbury

A mysterious voice coming from Rabbit’s burrow has really startled poor Rabbit. It shouted: ‘I'M THE GIANT JUMPEREE AND I'M SCARY AS CAN BE!’ Rabbit gathers his friends Cat, Bear and Elephant to come and help him, but the Giant Jumperee scares them, too. He can squash you like a flea; he will sting you like a bee; and he's taller than a tree! JUST WHO IS THE GIANT JUMPEREE? A fun, mysterious and charming adventure perfect for curious readers from Julia Donaldson, the incredible author of The Gruffalo

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