make your own peter rabbit bunny ears

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You will need:

- A4 paper

- A printer

- Paint, colouring pens or pencils

- Scissors (ensure that only grown-ups use the scissors)

- Sellotape

Download bunny ears template

How to make them:

1.  Download and print out the bunny ear template, then gather up your paint, pens or pencils.

make your own peter rabbit bunny ears step 1

2. Colour in your ears. You can be as creative as you want!

make your own peter rabbit bunny ears step 2

3. Carefully cut out your bunny ears following the dotted lines. Make sure an adult is with you when you do this (or get them to do it for you!)

make your own peter rabbit bunny ears step 3

4. When the ears and extra strip are cut out, wrap them around your head to make sure they fit – if they need trimming to size cut them down. Stick the two sides together using sellotape. Now wear your bunny ears and hop around just like Peter Rabbit!

make your own peter rabbit bunny ears step 4
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