Books to ease them in to potty training

Pirate Polly's Potty

Potty training can be stressful, but Pirate Polly is on hand to help in this brilliant board book, which comes complete with a noisy red cheer button. Perfect for pre-schoolers getting to grips with toilet training, Pirate Polly’s Potty is an engaging story full of fun, colourful pictures, designed to ease any anxieties about moving on from nappies. Press the button to reward a successful potty or toilet trip with a resounding cheer.

Pirate Pete's Potty sticker activity book

Pirate Pete is moving out of nappies, but it’s not as easy as it sounds… Motivate even the most potty-resistant child with this activity and sticker reward book. Children will enjoy following Pete on his adventures, using the 70 bright stickers to interact with the story as Pete progresses from nappy to potty. They will also find a reward chart of their very own, and lots of incentives to keep going with their own potty training. 

Princess Polly's Potty sticker activity book

Get your princess-loving child out of nappies and onto their very own throne with this sticker activity book, which celebrates the potty-training adventures of Princess Polly. With 70 colourful stickers that can be used to decorate a special reward chart, this entertaining and interactive book offers lots of opportunities to talk with little ones about potty training, helping them feel more confident and secure.

Books to get them ready for pre-school

George's First Day at Playgroup

Peppa Pig’s little brother George is coming to playgroup. He’s a bit nervous, but with Peppa and her friends on hand to show him around and playgroup teacher Madam Gazelle looking after him, he’s soon joining in and having fun. This sticker book is great for introducing the idea of pre-school in a gentle and inviting way, giving new starters an idea of what to expect.

First Words: A Pirate Pete and Princess Polly sticker activity book

Help your three-year-old develop their word recognition skills with this first words sticker activity book. At this age, many children are heading off to nursery or pre-school for the first time and Pirate Pete and Princess Polly make great learning companions. With over 50 stickers to keep them entertained, this easy-to-follow book is great for helping children start to recognise the spellings of familiar words, like cat, book and apple.

My First Colours: Ladybird Learners

This Ladybird Learners book is great for pre-schoolers, as well as younger children, because of its focus on concepts and themes. While toddlers will enjoy looking for the different coloured objects, older children will find plenty to say about the way colours and animals are grouped together. This beautifully illustrated book is a fantastic way to gently expand a child’s vocabulary, with the level of detail in the pictures providing lots to talk about.

Peppa Pig: Shapes

This chunky board book is great for Peppa Pig fans of all ages. Three-year-olds preparing for pre-school will find it a great visual aid for deepening their understanding of colours and shapes, particularly as they start to recognise letters. The simple text is easy to follow for young ones who are just starting to associate physical words with the shapes they describe, including squares, diamonds and star shapes.

My First Numbers: Ladybird Learners

Extend your pre-schooler’s grasp of numbers with this lovely little board book, packed full of wonderful illustrations, gentle rhymes and interesting images. A perfect companion book for children learning to count, there is lots to look for and discuss on each of the detailed pages. The grouping of animals to illustrate the different numbers also provides a great introduction to the concepts of ‘more’ and ‘less than.’

Books to read at bedtime

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster

Make bedtime fun for your own little monster with this entertaining story. Belch is a fluffy and friendly monster who is supposed to be going to bed, but she keeps getting distracted. Reading together is a wonderful way to end the day, and as Belch counts down the minutes to bedtime this gradually calming book will help even the most sleep-averse child realise that everyone – monsters included – needs to go to bed at some point.

Hey Duggee: Goodnight Duggee

The members of the Squirrel Club are having a sleepover, but nobody can get to sleep… can Duggee help? A perfect bedtime read based on the popular CBeebies show, this board book features all your pre-schooler’s favourite Hey Duggee characters. Children will enjoy seeing those familiar faces at bedtime, and the story offers plenty of opportunities to talk about the importance of getting enough sleep.

Peppa's First Sleepover

Peppa Pig is off to her first sleepover, but the one thing she is not going to do is sleep. Music, midnight feasts and middle-of-the-night stories are all on the menu for Peppa and her friends, but will they really be able to stay awake all night? Peppa Pig fans will love this entertaining story – and they’ll soon discover that not even Peppa can actually stay awake for a whole night… 

My Big Boy Bed: A Pirate Pete book

Pirate Pete is moving out of his cot and into a big boy bed. It’s a little bit scary, but his new bed is lovely and comfortable. This delightful interactive book is great for introducing little ones to the idea of moving over to a big bed, from getting rid of the cot to choosing new bedding, to staying in bed for the whole night. They will also love pushing the reward button to cheer Pete on, and feel encouraged to try it out for themselves.

My Big Girl Bed: A Princess Polly book

Moving from a cot to a big bed can be daunting, even for princesses like Polly, but it can be exciting too. In this gentle bedtime book, Polly discovers what it’s like to spend the night in a bed of her own, and why getting rid of the cot is an important part of growing up. This is a great read for toddlers who are ready to say goodbye to the cot, and the rewarding cheer button makes it even more fun.

Books to make mealtimes extra fun

Peppa Pig: Yum! Yum! Yum! Sticker Activity Book

Introduce your fussy eater to a huge variety of food with the help of every pre-schooler’s favourite, Peppa Pig. With over 100 stickers to keep them entertained, this activity book is full of delicious things to eat, from Mummy Pig’s cookies to Grandpa Pig’s home-grown vegetables. Children can even help Peppa decorate a tasty pizza, and with so many things on the menu, this is a wonderful way to coax young ones to try different foods.

Hey Duggee: Super Yummy!

There are lots of activities to try in this Hey Duggee activity book, which comes with more than 60 stickers. Fans of the CBeebies favourite will enjoy learning about what happens to food before it arrives on a plate, from growing vegetables to making cakes to drinking smoothies. Duggee and his Squirrel Club helpers are on hand to introduce some tasty activities, and there is plenty for young readers to get their teeth into.

Books for playtime

Little World: In the City

Three-year-olds are innately curious, and the Little World series of books allows them to discover both familiar landscapes and faraway places. In The City takes little readers on a push-and-pull journey as they explore a busy city. With friendly characters, bright illustrations and interactive push-and-pull tabs to play with, this book offers up lots of discussion points, making it a great one to read and experience together.

Peppa Pig: Go, Go, Go!

Stimulate your three-year-old’s creativity with this big vehicle-themed sticker activity book. Peppa Pig and her little brother George are learning about different kinds of vehicles, from cars to aeroplanes to bikes. With 13 sticker scenes to choose from, pre-schoolers will enjoy interacting with Peppa and George, developing their storytelling skills as they decorate the sticker scenes with diggers, trains, boats and more.

Little World: Under the Sea

This Little World adventure takes place underneath the ocean, and curious pre-schoolers will be fascinated by the sights and secrets of the sea. The gentle narrative is wonderful for reading aloud, with lots of opportunities to stop and talk about what you can see on the beautifully illustrated pages. The interactive push-and-pull tabs also allow children to really explore the eye-catching images, as they learn more about the creatures and plants that live under the sea.

How Are You Today?

As children grow they start to develop empathy and understanding for others, and this entertaining book is a great way to teach them about facial expressions in a fun and interactive way. Sit down together and flip the flaps to create lots of different expressions, encouraging young ones to match the expression on the page to their own face. This board book will generate plenty of laughs and it’s a great starting point for discussion too.

Little World: Jungle Journey

Introduce your three-year-old to the sights and sounds of the jungle with this bright and bold board book, perfect for reading aloud. With charming illustrations and a novelty slide, push or pull-tab on every page, there are many ways for young readers to learn about life in the jungle. Children will find there is always something new to discover, every time they pick up this Little World book.

Hey Duggee: A Day At The Beach

CBeebies favourite Duggee is back with another fun activity book, and this time the Squirrel Club are at the beach to build a very special sandcastle… Hey Duggee fans will love this entertaining story, which is packed full of activity ideas. It even has a cut-out-and-keep badge, so your little Squirrels can really feel part of the story.

Little World: To the Moon

Take your little reader on an outer space adventure with this wonderfully vivid board book. Children can follow in the footsteps of the first lunar astronauts as they use the push and pull tabs to explore the surface of the moon. Designed to be read aloud, this is a book that really will take your little astronauts on a trip out of this world, introducing them to the joys of reading.

Top Wing: Earn Your Wings!

This activity book is full to bursting with fun games, puzzles, colouring-in sheets, dot-to-dot activities, mini-posters and LOTS of stickers, all featuring the much-loved characters from Nickelodeon’s Top Wing. Top Wing fans will enjoy diving into this interactive book, as they join Swift, Rod, Penny and Brody on their quest to be the best cadets at Top Wing Academy.

Be the best big brother or sister with these books

I’m a New Big Brother: A Pirate Pete book

Becoming a big brother is a big deal, and Pirate Pete isn’t quite sure what to expect. This gentle and uplifting board book would make a great present for any little boy who is also about to become a big brother. With simple text, bright illustrations, and an interactive button that children can press to hear a baby giggle, it perfectly describes all the fun and excitement of a new sibling. 

I’m a New Big Sister: A Princess Polly book

Princess Polly is about to become a big sister. She’s very excited – but what does it mean for life at home? This bright and comforting story talks through all the fun and confusion of having a new sibling, helping new big sisters understand what might happen when a baby joins the family. They will enjoy pushing the button to interact with the story, and the simple text offers plenty of opportunities to talk about the similarities between Princess Polly’s story and their own. 

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