Hidden Planet by Ben Rothery

Ben Rothery’s love letter to planet Earth is essential reading for animal lovers young and old. The extra-large book will allow readers to get lost in the beautifully intricate nature illustrations and the extraordinary secrets of the animal world. Perfect to read from cover to cover or to dip in and out of; get acquainted with the clouded leopard, the colour-changing chameleon and every member of the marsupial family, among others.

Recommended reading age: 5-9 years old

What to Look For In Spring by Elizabeth Jenner

Follow the seasons throughout the year. What to Look in for Spring offers up all the bounties of the season, with colourful illustrations and informative text. Watch lambs gambol, trees burst into blossom, hares box and May Day celebrations in full flow. Post-June, the series continues with What to Look For in Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Recommended reading age: 7-9 years old

A Ladybird Book: Sea Creatures

From the coastline to the deepest ocean depths, discover the mysteries of the blue planet with A Ladybird Book: Sea Creatures. Containing 200,000 animal species and covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, readers will splash from coral reefs to iceberg-filled arctic seas, encountering sea turtles, octopi and every fish you can think of. Learn more about the different environments on earth with the rest of the series: Trees, Insects and Minibeasts, Baby Animals and Animal Habitats.

Recommended reading age: 7-9 years old

Sensational Butterflies by Ben Rothery

Butterflies and moths practically flutter off the page in another one of Ben Rothery’s stunningly-illustrated guide. Fascinating facts include how butterflies see, a look at some of the 180,000 species of butterflies on the planet and double-page spreads of wingspans, drawn in intricate detail. No monarch or blue metalmark aficionado should be without a copy.

Recommended reading age: 4-8 years old

Ladybird Audio Adventures: The Animal Kingdom

One of the best things about nature are all the natural sounds it produces, from animal calls to rain falling in the jungle. With Ladybird Audio Adventures, little ones will be taken on a wondrous journey through the wilderness with inventor Cassandra and her raven Missy. Featuring realistic sounds, young adventurers will meet amazing animals from all corners of the world and learn about their natural habitats.

Recommended listening age: 4-7 years old

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