Undercover Princess | 10 sassy quotes from two very different princesses

Undercover Princess tells the story of Lottie Pumpkin, an ordinary girl who longs to be a princess, and Ellie Wolf, a princess who longs to be ordinary. 

Meet Lottie, she’s the PERFECT princess...

1. Her mother had explained how fairy tales, like most things in the world, had evolved and adapted, but what Lottie was most drawn to was the prevailing sense of putting goodness out in the world. No matter which version of the story she read, the kindness of the princess remained, and more than anything that was what Lottie wanted to emulate.

2. “I will be kind, I will be brave, I will be unstoppable.”

3. It was perfect. The rosy bedsheets, the flowerpots filled with pink roses, the candles on the shelves in colourful crystal holders. Everything blended just as she’d planned with the white and purple furniture of the Ivy dorm that she’d seen in the online brochure. She had also allowed herself to bring her most beautiful hardback fairy-tale books, along with a collection of paperbacks, all her stationery and Mr Truffles, her stuffed pig, who  looked very comfortable amid her lacy cushions. She’d done it. She’d officially moved in.

4. “Pumpkin, what a charming name.” The professor said the world melodically, seeming to truly delight in it. “I suppose you are a fan of Cinderella?” she added, gesturing to Lottie’s nightgown. “Oh yes,” Lottie replied enthusiastically. “I love all the interpretations of old fairy tales.” Ellie smirked and Lottie instinctively stuck her tongue out at her.

5. “It’s perfect. A princess who’s allergic to apples. It’s like you’re a Disney character!”

And Ellie, she’s clearly NOT...

6. “But it’s past curfew,” Lottie replied in confusion.

    “That’s why they invented sneaking out.”

7. Eleanor had always been a challenging child. She was anything but a typical princess; she would take fiery political arguments and sneaking out to loud, rowdy concerts over mild polite conversation any day, and more than anything she despised elaborate formal functions – or at least she assumed she did, having refused to ever attend one.

8. “All I’ve ever wanted is to not be a princess…And then I end up getting roomed with a girl who’s obsessed with them.”

9. Ellie didn’t fit into the cookie-cutter image of a girl, let alone a princess. She was unapologetic and ferocious and this aristocratic world resented her for it.

10. “If anyone makes you feel like you don’t belong here, I will gladly beat them up for you.” Ellie added, flexing her arm muscles like a bodybuilder.

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