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5 outdoor activities to try with Hey Duggee

Take inspiration from everyone’s favourite dog Duggee with our five fun-filled, outdoor activities to try. They’re perfect for getting some fresh air and exploring with your little ones. A-Woof!

Ladybird team

1. Try a spot of pebble painting

Go pebble hunting and have a messy, hands-on painting session with your little one. You can use pebbles from your back garden, the park, or even the beach. Check out our guide to Duggee-inspired pebbles here.

Hey Duggee pebble painting

2. Go on a nature walk

Head outside with your little one on a nature walk, why not take a trip to a local park or even some nearby woods? You can point out the different birds you spot together as well as the fantastic colours and sounds you can see and hear!

3. Get arty with some leaves

You can do lots of crafty things with some leaves and a little imagination. You could collect some that have fallen and create a collage, or go outside and try to spot the trees they fell from. Tots will love learning about all of the different kinds, and touching and feeling the different shapes and textures.

Hey Duggee arty with leaves

4. Grow your own fruit and veg

In the Hey Duggee Book of Badges, there’s a guide to growing your own fruit and vegetables. Grab some seeds and plant them outside in the garden; little nature lovers will love getting a bit mucky and learning how to grow things with you. You can even grow them on your windowsill in a recycled pot for a fun, rainy-day activity! 

Hey Duggee outdoor activities

5. Host a scavenger hunt!

The Squirrel Club love heading outdoors and trying lots of activities, and in true Hey Duggee-style, you could also host your own scavenger hunt! Why not hide different Duggee badges outside, or other objects such as shells, leaves or painted pebbles, for a fun way to get your little one exploring.

Hey Duggee scavenger hunt

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