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5 books for toddlers that have the grumps

Little one got the grumps? Cheer up your tantrum-prone tot with these brilliant books, full of spirited characters and hilarious antics. They’ll bring some laughter into even the worst of days and will turn that little frown, upside-down.

I Want My Dinner! by Tony Ross | Andersen

After having a few too many outbursts, The Little Princess soon discovers a more effective way to get what she wants - good manners. Once she’s mastered her pleases and her thank yous, she soon sets about trying to teach others these skills, including a very rude monster. This bright tale is the perfect remedy for any little princes and princesses struggling with their manners.

Angry Arthur by Hiawyn Oram | Andersen

When Arthur is told he can’t stay up late he suddenly becomes very angry. So angry in fact, that his tantrum begins to takes on a life of its own. First, it becomes a great thunderstorm, then a typhoon, a hurricane, and finally a full universe-quake. This beautifully illustrated book is a valuable tool that will help your tots understand their emotions, with an important message about controlling anger.

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