8 spirited heroes that will inspire you to be brave

They’re fearless, determined, and big-hearted. These bold and brave kids from literature are our ultimate heroes.

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Supergirl from Super Hero High School: the most powerful teen in the galaxy!

Supergirl may be the most powerful teenager in the galaxy but it’s her determination to keep making the world a better place that makes her one of the boldest of all heroes. She's no stranger to tough decisions or tackling invading alien armies and inter-dimensional portals. Oh – and if that's not enough for you, did we mention that she can fly


Lucy Dungston from The Creakers: She’s smart, brave and maybe a little messy

Lucy Dungston thinks that she’s an ordinary girl, but when all the grown-ups vanish she's determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and put the world back to normal! Discovering some icky, sticky creatures lurking under her bed, Lucy comes up with a plan to take on the dreaded 'Creakers' and save the town's parents. She’s smart, she’s brave, and perhaps a little messy from time to time – but we all know that all of the best kids are!


Ted from The Guggenheim Mystery: a boy with a unique mind

Ted has an unusual brain that doesn’t work like yours or mine, but family is family and when family is in danger Ted knows what he has to do. With his amazing brain, which he calls his ‘unique operating system’, Ted is able to arrange information logically to uncover clues and solve mysteries. Ted knows he’s a little different, and he also knows that that’s the reason he’s the only one who can save the day. That’s what makes him one of our bravest heroes.

ted bold hereos

Tiffany Aching from The Wee Free Men: she's a pro at using a frying pan but not in the kitchen...

She may be young, but a fearless sidekick (or ten), a piece of string, and a frying pan are all this little hero needs. Tiffany Aching is brave, bold, smart, and level-headed, tackling all manner of adventures head-on. She cares deeply for those around her and is always willing to help a friend or neighbour in need, solving problems with her trademark kindness and enthusiasm.

wee free men

Percy Jackson: Half boy, half god

Percy is just a normal kid. He goes to school, plays basketball, and generally keeps his nose out of trouble – except for that one time he vaporised his maths teacher! But when the powers and responsibilities of being a half-blood came knocking, he fearlessly rises to the challenge to take on the powers of Mount Olympus and earn the right to lift his Father’s Trident. 

percy bold hereo

Matilda: a bookworm with a most-magical mind

Matilda Wormwood isn’t your average bookworm. She knows that reading can teach you just about everything you need to know, especially when paired with a big imagination – which luckily, she has. Matilda is an extraordinary little girl with a most-magical mind, and she’s had more than enough of all the un-extraordinary adults underestimating her!


D.J. from Hilo: saving the planet like it's no big deal

D.J. has to take on a galactic-sized challenge when a boy named Hilo mysteriously crashes down to earth and tries to show up to school in just his underpants. He didn’t ask for the responsibilities that come with his new alien-robot friend (with a talent for trouble), but when the fate of the planet comes into question D.J. will do anything to save the day and most importantly, keep his friends safe.

bold hereos

Danny the Champion of the World: he's small, but mighty

He's a daring nine-year-old boy and a fave from the well-loved Roald Dahl tale. Danny and his Dad have a plan, and although it is not quite as successful as they had hoped, Danny and his father still manage to exact their revenge on the detested villain, Victor Hazell and save plenty of pheasants in the meantime. Danny may be small, but he’s all the hero we need.

bold hereos danny

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