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14 of the best book subscription boxes for children

From empowering female-led stories to pre-loved books finding a new home, we've rounded up our favourite book subscription boxes for kids. 

A photo of one of Wee Bookworms subscription boxes; it includes a Puffin edition of A Little Princess next to a gift wrapped book and a couple of paper bookmarks on a wooden background
Image: Wee Bookworms

Wee Bookworms is a specialist children’s bookshop in Northern Ireland, and we’re very thankful they have their own subscription service. They offer six different age range boxes, from babies all the way up to teenagers – and they even have an adult subscription box for fans of classic children’s tales and YA. Each month you’ll receive one or two beautifully wrapped books, and with your first box you’ll also receive a surprise gift, a bookmark, and a Trainee Bookworm certificate (to make it official that you’re a wee bookworm!).

The Little Book Boutique is a brand-new online book shop dedicated to nurturing and inspiring a lifelong love of books in children. Founded by mum of two Lucy Somani, as well as fabulous book bundles for children of all ages, The Little Book Boutique also offers a bespoke subscription box. All you need to do is enter in your child’s age, likes, and dislikes, and then each month you’ll receive a box with two age-appropriate books, a reading sticker chart to track their progress, reading tips, and a bookmark. The Little Book Boutique is also a proud supporter of Read for Good, a charity that does incredible work to support a love of reading in schools, hospitals, and communities.

Avid book readers and buyers Lynsey and Neil set up Little Box of Books in 2018 after they struggled to find children’s books that represented their own blended family. They now curate and provide a selection of boxes for children aged 0-11 that includes brilliant and inclusive stories from a diverse range of authors. Plus, with every box they sell, Little Box of Books donates one book to the reading charity Doorstep Library! As well as monthly subscriptions, you can also buy a big box of books for a school, library, or hospital. This one comes with good vibes all around. 

A photo of a selection of books included in the Little Box of Books subscription; they are all standing up against a white background
Image: Little Box of Books

Just like us, LoveReading4Kids does a fantastic job of recommending kid’s books, so we were thrilled to find out they do their own subscription box. From picture books all the way up to YA, there’s a box for every age. Each one contains two books (which you can choose or leave up to the marvellous minds at LoveReading4Kids), a special gift, and an invitation to have your book reviews published on their website.

The Willoughby Book Club has a box for all bookworms, including a selection of page-turningly good kid’s subscription boxes. Young readers can join either the Baby, Toddler, Children’s, or Young Adult book club, and each month will receive a beautifully wrapped book as well as a Willoughby bookmark. Each book is tailored specially for the recipient based on the preferences you give upon purchase. And if that doesn’t sound delightful enough already, each subscription sale sees a book donated to Book Aid International.

A photo of a stack of children's books all piled up on top of each other; they are on a wooden floor and against a marble backdrop
Image: The Willoughby Book Club

This isn’t your typical book subscription box, but never have we heard of a more ingenious way to help children learn another language! One Third Stories was founded by two best friends who both had very different experiences when it came to learning new languages growing up. Select either the French, Spanish, Italian or German box, and each month budding bilinguals will receive a link to an audiobook narrated by a native speaker (ideal for learning that all-important pronunciation) and a storybook in two languages, as well as games, activities and writing exercises. Although aimed at 4-9 year-olds, parents and older siblings will also pick up the lingo. De nada!

The award-winning Parrot Street Book Club box is perfect for more confident readers. Sending out only chapter books from a variety of authors and genres, choose the Parakeets box (for kids aged 5-8) or the Cockatoos (for ages 8-12). In addition to a book, each box includes book club-style questions, word puzzles, jokes, activity sheets, a recipe, fun facts, and links to videos and useful websites. One of our favourite things about Parrot Street is that they actively seek out hidden gems from smaller, independent publishers that you might not otherwise have come across.

A photo of the contents of the Parrot Street Book Club's subscription box; there is a book alongside some activity sheets and a pencil on a dark blue background with some silver stars and a pink planet
Image: Parrot Street Book Club

Young eco-warriors will love this subscription box from Hand Me Down Book Club. Book lovers can choose either the 5-8s or the 9-12s box, and each one contains four pre-loved books, wrapped up in plastic-free, sustainably sourced, and 100% recyclable packaging. The books are handpicked for you each month and you won’t ever get the same book twice! This eco-friendly subscription box is a fantastic way to teach children about sustainability and the importance of recycling and reusing. Green thumbs up from us!

Another pre-loved book subscription box, this time from the team behind Tea Time Bookshop, who are committed to helping reduce our carbon emissions by finding second-hand books new homes. For children, you can choose the Toddler Children's Book Box (for 1-3s), Little One's Children's Book Box (for 4-7s), or Young Book Worm Book Box (for 8-11s). As well as a selection of books, subscribers will also receive a bookmark, hot chocolate, and biscuits (the latter two being very important for a good reading session). Plus, each new subscription will see a new tree planted.

A photo of a selection of books included in the Tea Time Bookshop subscription; it features a few Pufifn books as well as some snacks and a bookmark on a marble background
Image: Tea Time Bookshop

For a super-personalised book subscription box, try Bookabees. Offering subscriptions for one, three, or five books per month, select your little readers' interests, which range from fantasy and pirates to sport and vampires. Once you’ve done that, all that’s left to do is wait for their personalised box to arrive with their books – alongside some educational activities and the Bookabees monthly newsletter.

This female-led literature box not only encourages young girls to read, but it’s also been designed to inspire and empower. Women and girls are often underrepresented in the curriculum, publishing, and media, and so the Brave Girls Book Club strives to put positive role models front and centre through their handpicked selection of diverse stories. Although no longer a monthly subscription box, there are a range of boxes to choose from each with a different theme. Each box includes a book by a female author, an educational activity pack, and 3-4 small gifts from independent brands. Who runs the world? Girls!

Buy now: From £15 per box

A photo of the contents of the Brave Girls Book Club's subscription box; there are a couple of books alongside an activity book, a bookmark, badges and sweet treats on a pale purple background
Image: Books That Matter: Brave Girls Book Club

If you’re looking for an extra special subscription box, try The Beautiful Book Company. Curated by their team of literary experts, each month subscribers will receive a thoughtfully gift-wrapped book based on their preferences. There are four boxes to choose from for kids, from babies all the way up to teens. The Beautiful Book Company also put together one-off book hampers, so if you want to surprise a fellow bookworm (or just treat yourself), snap one of those up!

Turn your baby into a bookworm with Zaza's Storybox! This adorable subscription box is for babies and toddlers who are just starting their reading journey. Each month you'll be sent two carefully selected books, a toy, and tips on how to encourage your little one's love of stories. Zaza's Storybox also offers a range of Story Sacks for babies, toddlers, and primary school children ranging from £10-£35.

A photo of Zaza's Storybox on a white wooden background. The subscription box is made out of cardboard and is surrounded by a selection of books and some toys including Paddington Bear, Humpty Dumpty, the gingerbread man and a bee.
Image: Zaza's Storybox

Do you know a confident reader? Or maybe you know a very little one? Whatever type of reader you know, Bring a Book to Life has a box for them! Every month, each box has a selection of different themes for you to choose from – the Great British Bake Off and the Olympics are a couple of recent themes from last month. With every box, readers will receive a fantastic story as well as little gifts and activities to go along with it. There are even boxes for children with dyslexia, which feature books slightly shorter in length so as not to daunt reluctant or less confident readers. As after all, readers come in all shapes and sizes!

For an easy way to build out your little one's library, try Books & Pieces’ storybook subscription. The company was founded by mum of three Amanda back in 2018, who dedicates her time to sourcing brilliant books that every family will love – and road tests them with her boys are home. With boxes for babies up to five-year-olds, each subscription includes three books and some fun activity ideas to help bring the stories to life.

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