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Make your own Bluey Easter basket

Every Easter egg hunter needs a basket! Follow the instructions below to create your own Bluey-inspired Easter basket.

Ladybird team
An illustration of Bluey jumping on a orange background as she holds three Easter eggs and a flower
Illustration: Bluey Easter Fun Activity Book

You will need:

•  A printer

•  A4 paper

•  The Bluey Easter basket PDF

•  Scissors (make sure to ask a grown-up to help with the cutting)

•  Pens or pencils for decorating your basket

•  Glue

•  Sticky tape

Bluey Easter basket:

How to make:

1. Print off and then cut out the Easter basket and handle. Don't forget to cut along the dotted lines at the ends of the basket to create the tabs labelled 'GLUE HERE'.

2. Decorate the sides of the basket any way you like.

3. Create the bottom and sides of the basket by folding along the green lines, with the lines facing out.

4. Doing one side at a time, add glue to the shaded blue area where it says 'GLUE HERE'. Fold up the sides so the orange lines line up, and then stick the tabs in place. Repeat for the other end.

5. Glue one end of the handle to the inside edge of the basket, behind Bluey's head. Glue the other end of the handle to the opposite side.

6. Add sticky tape to the ends of the handles to strengthen the joins.

Voila! Now you can enjoy some egg hunting!

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