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Make your own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory costumes

From a five-minute costume hack for Charlie Bucket to a brilliantly purple extravaganza for Violet Beauregarde, get ready to dress and impress with our quick and easy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory costume guides.

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A photo of a young boy holding a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a 'golden ticket' from the book. He is standing against a bright purple background

For Willy Wonka you will need:

•  Black A2 card (or a cereal box you can paint)

•  A white or silver pen

•  Purple glitter

•  Glue

•  Pencil

•  Scissors

•  Strong tape or a stapler

•  Downloadable hat template – printed out

•  Bright colourful clothes – you could wear: a bow tie (you could make one out of card); a purple jacket or waistcoat; green trousers; and a cane.

What to do:

1.  Trace around the hat template onto the card and cut it out. Outline with a white or silver pen.

2.  Add glue to the ‘band’ of the hat, just above the brim, and shake on the purple glitter.

3.  Cut out a long strip of black cardboard. Wrap it around your head to get the right size for you and then staple or tape the ends together, to keep them in place (cover the staples with tape for safety). Stick the cardboard band to the back of the hat with staples or strong tape.

4.  Put on your Wonka hat and your brightest, most colourful trousers and shirt, and add a bow tie. And ta-da – you're done!

For templates and how-to guides for Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop and Mike Teavee, download the full pack below!

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