Top tips for parents for when the clocks change in spring

Heidi Skudder, sleep expert and founder of The Parent and Baby Coach shares her top tips for coping with the clock change in spring.

Heidi Skudder
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On March 27th, the clocks will go forwards by an hour to mark the start of British Summer Time (BST). So, 7am becomes 8am, 7pm becomes 8pm, and bedtime can become a bit of a living nightmare. But fear not, as I have some tips to help you adjust like a pro and keep little ones on track for catching their z’s.

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1. First of all, don’t panic!

Staying calm around your little one’s sleep really does create the best type of sleep – for you all.

2. Chill out

Keep them active during the day so they burn off as much energy as possible. But when bedtime rolls around, keep it chilled. Having a relaxing bedtime routine is a key part of sleep and will help your child understand what is coming (sleep!), even if their body clock feels a bit out of sync.

3. Establish a consistent routine

Try and be consistent with their routine, even with the change coming up. Having a warm bath or massage, getting into PJs, and cuddling up to read some books together will encourage calm and create that relaxing space they need for drifting off to sleep easily.

4. Pre-empt the change

In the 4-5 days running up to the clock change day, adjust bedtime so it is 10-15 minutes earlier each day. This means that a 6pm bedtime on the day of the clock change, will be back to a 7pm bedtime the day after – simple!

5. Dim the lights

And don’t forget, evenings and eventually mornings will become lighter, so ensuring a darker bedroom – with the help of some blackout curtains or blinds – will be beneficial for your child’s sleep.

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