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Make your own Hey Duggee mask

Get crafting with little ones and make your very own Duggee mask together by following this step-by-step tutorial.

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A photo of a homemade Hey Duggee mask on pale blue background next to the book Hey Duggee's Book of Badges

You will need:

•  Paper plates

•  A paintbrush

•  Black and red felt-tip pens

•  A pair of scissors

•  Some brown and white paint

•  Double-sided sellotape or glue

•  Lolly sticks

•  A pair of googly eyes

How to make it:

1. Mix your paints so you have a dark brown for Duggee’s face and a lighter brown for his mouth.

Hey Duggee mask step one

2. Paint two paper plates brown for Duggee’s face and ears, and paint one plate light brown.

Hey Duggee mask step two

3. When these are dry, cut out Duggee-shaped ears using one of the brown plates and cut out Duggee’s mouth using the light brown plate.

Hey Duggee mask step three

4. Using your felt-tip pens, draw on a Duggee nose with your black pen and a Duggee mouth with your red felt-tip.

5. Using glue, or double-sided sticky tape, put your Duggee mouth in the centre of the mask and place your googly eyes above the mouth.

6. Stick your Duggee ears to the back of the mask so that they are attached.

7. Secure your lolly stick to the back of the mask so you can pick it up easily. Now you have a fun Duggee mask, perfect for little hands and faces! A-Woof!

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