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Paint your own Wonder-inspired Easter egg

Choose kind this Easter and paint your own Auggie-inspired Easter egg with this easy to follow DIY tutorial.

Puffin team

You will need:   

•  An egg

•  Acrylic paints

•  A paintbrush

•  A marker pen

How to make: 

1. Place your egg in a pan of water, and boil until hard, for around about ten minutes. Remove from the water and leave to cool, until cold to the touch.

2. Using a white or light colour, paint the whole egg, and leave it to dry.

3. Take a brown or black colour and paint Auggie’s hair on, and leave to dry once more.

4. Using your marker pen, add the text 'Wonder', and an eye. You might want to practice with a pencil first, before using your marker.

5. Now cut out the frame, and fix a stick to each side.

Now your Wonder-ful Easter egg is complete!

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