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Create your very own outdoors trail to find Spot!

Get outside in the garden or your local park this summer and have some fun with Spot! Download these cute make-your-own character standees to hide and then see how many you can find with your little one.

dog standee, grass

You will need:

• The 'Where's Spot' trail activity pack

• A little bit of sunshine and an adventurous spirit

How to make your very own ‘Where’s Spot?’ trail:

1. Download and print the make-your-own character standees: Spot, Helen, Tom, Steve and Sally plus the trail checklist

2. Cut out each character and fold along the dotted line so they can stand up (you may want to back them onto card to reinforce them)

3. Get outside! Hide each character in a different place – in the undergrowth, behind a tree etc…

4. Ask your little one to see which characters they can spot and tick them off on the list as you go! Can you find them all?

Blue creature
Dog in tree
Monkey on grass

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