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Make a dinosaur Easter egg cup holder

Inspired by The Dinosaur That Pooped Easter, follow our step-by-step instructions to create your own colourful Easter egg cup holder.

Suzie Attaway
© Suzie Attaway

We'd love to see your dinosaur Easter egg cup holders. Send us a picture to or share your creations on our social channels.

You will need:

© Suzie Attaway

• Egg holder template (download below)

• A4 paper and a printer

• Cardboard tube

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Red and yellow paint

• Paint brushes

• Wiggle eyes

• Glue

• Black pen

Egg holder template:

How to make:

1. First of all print off the egg holder template. Position the biggest shape – the front half of the dinosaur – onto the cardboard tube and draw around it with a pencil. Then turn the tube around and line up the second largest shape – the back half of the dinosaur. Draw around it as before.

© Suzie Attaway

2. Carefully cut out the dinosaur’s body with a pair of scissors – you may need to ask an adult to help with this. Finally, using some of the leftover card that is folded in half, draw around the last and smallest shape – which will be the dinosaur's head – and cut it out.

© Suzie Attaway

3. Paint the head and body with red and yellow paint, and leave it to dry.

© Suzie Attaway

4. Paint some yellow stripes on the dinosaur's tail and feet, and then add some toenails. Leave them to dry.

© Suzie Attaway

5. Fold a small flap on the neck of the dinosaur and glue the head in place. Then add some wiggle eyes, and again, leave to dry.

© Suzie Attaway

6. Take the black pen and draw some spots on the dinosaur's body, tail, and head.

© Suzie Attaway

7. Finally, pop a wrapped Easter egg inside the opening!

© Suzie Attaway

Huge thanks to Suzie Attaway for putting together this crafting activity! For more fun crafts and styling, check out Suzie's Instagram @craftpropstylist

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