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Make your own book-inspired haunted village for Halloween

Inspired by some of our favourite spooky stories, make your own haunted play village for Halloween out of recycled materials. 

Suzie Attaway
A photo of a DIY haunted village made out of empty juice cartons on a light purple background
© Suzie Attaway

You will need:

A photo of the materials you will need to make a haunted village including old juice cartons, sharpies, paint and Halloween stickers
© Suzie Attaway

•  Empty juice/milk cartons

•  Paint (we've used purple, grey, and white)

•  Paintbrush

•  Black and white pens

•  Halloween foam stickers

How to make:

1.  First, make sure the juice or milk cartons you're using are clean and dry, and then paint the outside of each. Leave to dry.

A photo of two juice cartons being painted with purple and grey paint on a light purple background
© Suzie Attaway

2. Next, paint the top of the cartons, which will be the roofs, in a contrasting colour, and allow them to dry.

A photo of a juice carton having a grey roof painted on it
© Suzie Attaway

3. Now, using a black marker pen, draw the tiles on each roof – don’t worry if it doesn’t look very neat!

A photo of a painted juice carton having tiles drawn on using a black sharpie to emulate a roof
© Suzie Attaway

4. Next, draw on some windows, doors, spider webs, and any other spooky decorative features with the black and white pens.

A photo of two painted cartons have windows, doors and other house features drawn on them with a black and white sharpie
© Suzie Attaway

5. Then, stick some spooky foam shapes in place to finish off each haunted house. Now you're ready to display or play with your spooky village!

A photo of three cartons, painted to look like houses having foam stickers stuck onto them
© Suzie Attaway

Huge thanks to Suzie Attaway for putting together this crafting activity! For more fun crafts and styling, check out Suzie's Instagram @craftpropstylist

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