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Make a Halloween sensory bag

Get crafty this Halloween and make a sensory bag. Sensory bags provide an amazing source of engagement and play for your little ones, and the best part is that you can make them with most things you find around your home!

A photo of a pumpkin stencil on top of a plastic bag with orange, green and black furry pom poms, glitter and clean hair gel

You will need:

•  Pumpkin template

•  A4 sheet of paper

•  Large zip-lock plastic bag

•  Black marker pen

•  Clear hair gel

•  Orange, green, and black pom poms

•  Glitter (optional)

Pumpkin stencil:

To make:

1.  Download and print off the pumpkin stencil onto a piece of A4 paper.

2.  Next, put the piece of paper into the large zip-lock bag, and trace the pumpkin stencil onto the bag with a black marker. 

3. Remove the stencil, put in the hair gel, pom poms, glitter – and anything else you may have at home that's suitable – seal it up, and then your child can play with their new sensory bag!

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