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What’s your racehorse name?

Do you wish you had a racehorse like Noble Warrior from The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop? Now you can pick your own racehorse name by following these fun instructions!

Puffin team

First of all, choose your favourite colour from the wheel below

Find your racehorse name

Next, pick the word that goes with your birthday month

January - Golden

Febuary - Happy

March - Breezy

April - Fluffy

May - Gallant

June - Proud

July - Mysterious

August - Unique

September - Silver

October - Dashing

November - Jumpy

December - Lovely

Finally, pick the word that’s next to the first letter of your name and add it to the other two words to reveal your racehorse name

A - Knight                J - Agent            S - Shadow

B - Moonlight         K - Beast            T - Diamond

C - Rocket               L - Admiral        U - Snowflake

D - Thunder            M - Hero            V - Sunshine

E - Captain              N - Star              W - King

F - Wizard               O - Dreamer      X - Fairy

G - Lightning          P - Flyer             Y - Angel

H - Champion        Q - Storm           Z - Tornado

I - Race                    R - Prince

Now you have your very own racehorse name. Giddy up!

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