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Go pebble painting with Hey Duggee and friends

Get a little creative with Hey Duggee - head outdoors with the Squirrel Club to go pebble painting, A-woof!

Hey Duggee pebble painting

You will need:

•  A large, round pebble (look for one Duggee-shaped!)

•  Some newspaper

•  Some colourful poster paints

•  A paintbrush

•  A dark marker or felt tip pen

How to make it:

1. Grab your boots and head outdoors, it’s time to go pebble hunting!

2. Once you’ve found a large, round pebble, clean it off and take it indoors

3. Lay out your newspaper (to avoid getting too messy!) and grab your paints – to make your pebble look like Duggee you’ll need some yellow, brown, and blue colours

Hey Duggee pebble painting

4. Paint your stone in two halves, the bottom should be a dark yellow, and the top is brown, just like Duggee’s fur. You might need a couple of coats for the paint to take properly

Hey Duggee pebble painting

5. Paint on Duggee’s belt - it’s a bright, sunny yellow. Top with a blue belt buckle. Leave to dry

6. Mix a lighter brown to paint Duggee’s snout. Leave to dry

7. Take a marker (or dark felt tip), and draw Duggee’s eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure you make him look really cheery!

Now your Hey Duggee pebble is complete. You’ve earned a Squirrel Club badge for your efforts!

Why not get the whole family involved in the fun?

Hey Duggee pebble painting

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