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Host your own spooky Creakers-style sleepover

Planning a sleepover with all your friends this Halloween? Make it a Creakers-themed one! Download our Creakers catching kit and have a fun evening battling those smelly creatures.

Puffin team

You will need:

• The Creakers catching kit

• A printer and A4 paper

• A bunch of friends

• A little bit of bravery

The Creakers catching kit:

How to host your own spooky Creaker-catching party:

1. Download The Creakers catching kit and print it off onto A4

2. Those Creakers are crafty creatures. Use the invites to invite all of your bravest friends

3. Make sure you check under the bed! Everyone knows it’s the first place you’re likely to find a Creaker

4. Use the recipes to make some disgusting ear wax fudge and some super-sticky slime

5. Play ‘hide and creak’ with your friends to try and catch a Creaker!

6. Once you’re tired from all that creakin’ about, try the word search to see if you can speak like a Creaker

7. Read the creepy extract included in the kit. Psst, try it by torchlight for an extra spooky effect

8. Draw a Creaker and give it a name!

Congratulations, you are an official Creaker catcher! Don’t forget to fill in your certificate!

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