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How to make a kid’s reading nook on a budget

A cosy reading nook can be a great place to hunker down and read a book. Making a nook together can be loads of fun in itself, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. So pick a spot, grab some squashy pillows, and follow our simple steps for how to create a DIY reading nook (on a budget).

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1. Pick a spot

Now listen up, cos this step is very important. Location is KEY. Your nook spot needs to be cosy, out of the way, and somewhere your kids can immerse themselves in reading. A good corner, hidden from view, is perfect.


2. Grab some blankets

Yep, blankets. Everyone knows you can’t get cosy without blankets. Grab as many as you can spare. Remember, they’re for SNUGGLING.


3. Grab some more blankets. And a chair, or two!

For optimal nook-making, you’re gonna need chairs. Chairs you say? In a nook? Well, these chairs ain’t for sitting on. They’re for making your super-secret tent-like nook. Next, raid the laundry cupboard, and put another blanket on top.


4. Now it’s time to decorate

This is the fun part. Here’s where you get to personalise your nook and make it your own. Fairy lights are perfect for a little AMBIENCE, as they say. And the great thing is, you can steal ‘em from the Christmas box.


5. Cushions, don’t forget the cushions

Ok, so we’re nearly there. Chuck in a few cushions - you can nab them from the couch, or even use spare pillows. They’ll make your nook extra comfy and really snuggly.


6. Books. Last but not least!

Your reading nook is finished. Hooray! All that’s left is to pick a book and snuggle up. Looking recommendations? We've got loads. Top tip – why not add a ‘do not disturb’ sign, for when they’re reading the really juicy bits!

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